Kanuka Honey From New Zealand Native Kanuka Flowers 500 grams


We introduce to you this natural Kanuka honey from New Zealand Northland where bees forage on native Kanuka flower. This honey is raw and not treated with heat which might lead to crystallization. Contains 700+ mg of naturally occurring 3-PLA (3-phenyllactic acid) per kg. The industry recognised chemical marker for identifying Kanuka Honey.
  • Raw and unpasteurized to preserve the natural benefits of the honey
  • Honey bees forage on a unique native New Zealand flower known as Kanuka
  • Hives are placed in wild forests in the Northern part of New Zealand
  • Packed in glass jars in New Zealand
  • Lab-tested in New Zealand and in Germany for highest quality assurance
  • Thick with a unique floral aroma and amber color
  • Contains more than 700 3-PLA (mg/Kg) which is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and immune system boosting effects
  • Might crystalizes as it is not pasteurized

Shipping to Saudi Arabia is expected to take 3 to 7 days using SMSA, Makhdoom, Express Way or Aramex

Shipping to other countries is expected to take 1 to 2 weeks using Aramex or UPS

Slight variation in delivery time is possible.

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